Deva Rays Reiki

Deva Rays Reiki is a healing frequency channeled by Angela from the power place of Krabbeliderna in Gothenburg, Sweden. Getting attuned provides a gateway to a healing frequency called “Devas”. Besides giving you a lovely energy embrace, the attunement is a planting of a seed that will further expand your consciousness if you nurture it with your intention. It is a gateway to oneness and wisdom.

No prerequisites needed, this frequency is good both for beginners and experienced healers, blending ancient shaman and buddhist knowledge with modern reiki. Includes a manual on how to attune others.

Deva Rays will help to:

•clear blockages on the root chakra, get us grounded and give a flush of ki to our entire chakra system.
•remember our oneness with the universe and expand our consciousness.
•experience the warm embrace from the deva spirit.
•manifest a more harmonious life for yourself and everyone close to our energy field.
•spark our transpersonal love consciousness and connect us to all healers and earth keepers of the world.
•deepen our connection to the healing qualities of mother earth.

The power place of Krabbeliderna

Devas as higher frequencies

The concept of Devas originally arose from Buddhism. The word means "Shining ones" in Sanskrit. Devas are said to constitute a wide range of higher frequencies/angelic energy. It is simular to the abrahamitical views on angels, but differs in the sense that all living things have their own deva watching over them and nurturing them with life force.  "Devas can be defined as forms, images, or expressions through which the essences and energy forces of the Creator or Great Spirit can be transmitted, or forms through which a specific form of Earth energy or life force can be transmitted for a specific purpose," writes Nathaniel Altman in his book The Deva Handbook: How to Work with Nature's Subtle Energies. "They have been considered luminous energy principles that stand behind all phenomena, and they work both with nature and with the cosmos to guide the evolution of life," (---) "There are literally thousands of different types of devas, ranging from the tiniest wildflower dryad to the greatest solar archangel, and the realm of the devas is as great as the universe itself."  Altman writes in The Deva Handbook. The concept of Devas was further developed by Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy in the 18-1900-th century.

The Deva spirits at the power place of Krabbeliderna in Gothenburg are densified and therefore particularly noticable.


How to get attuned

Contact Angela if you want to get attuned on sight at the powerplace of Krabbelidern or reicieve an energy transmission from a distance. A manual is included.   Deva Rays Reiki is not restrained by trademark, as Reiki is the birth right of all.