Deva rays reiki

Thank you to all clients. Services is on hold due to other assignments. Send an email to get noticed when things are running again. Or follow me on social media. 

Angela is a reiki master and the originator of Deva Rays Reiki. She offers coures in reiki and do guided visits on the power place of Krabbeliderna. 


Learn from Angela how to tap into the infinte source of life force. When completed level one you can give energy healing to both humans and animals. 

Usui Reiki 
Deva Rays Reiki
Kundalini Reiki and Jinlap Maitri Reiki


All kinds of people get help from Angela. Young and old, with different backgrounds and spiritual beliefs . What they all have in common
is a wish for personal growth.

  A wonderful treatment to harmonize and reenergize. Very powerful. Thank you so much Angela for your sharing. Catherine Broberg
  This was absolutley magical. I do not understand how I could relax this well. I´m so calm, but exhilirated at the same time. My emotions are all over, yet it feels right and harmonious. My arms feel lighter. I completely understand all the things you suggest that I continue to work with as soul work. /Anonymous
 You're super and your work is super! An outstanding teacher! I really appreciate the visual and easy comprehensible course material, it applies well to my learning style. /Sara Johansson
  You have the ability to see through the veil and explain things in a simple way. It can be challenging to hear what needs to change, but it's all good. I am forever greatful." /Anonymous
 A thousand thank you! This feelt really good and relaxing. You have helped me in serveral ways and I am very content with the session. I strongley recommend Angela. /Sirus Mokhtari
 Thank you Angela! Your intuition is fantastic and you have the ability to convey your cognitions in a way that helps to see the path forward. I can highley recommend your consultation to anyone who wish to gain harmony and insight to oneself. /John Wright 

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